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Hybrid coffee [4 types x 100g]

Hybrid coffee [4 types x 100g]

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Hybrid coffee (rum, gin, wine, liquor/100g each)

Hybrid coffee is a new type of coffee that combines coffee and alcoholic beverages. It is a premium coffee bean that is non-alcoholic and yet retains its flavor and umami.
The aroma is more like alcohol than coffee, and once you taste this coffee, you'll never forget it. This hybrid coffee experience is a real affair! If you want to talk about coffee, or even if you like coffee, I recommend you to try it once. A super coffee that not only has a wonderful aroma but also has a unique flavor! The world's first coffee and alcoholic beverage hybrid. You can find "Phantom Coffee Kopi Luwak", "Statue Coffee Black Ivory", and the rare "Geisha" if you look for it, but 0566 Coffee Factory is the only place in the world where you can find hybrid coffee!
*It's non-alcoholic, so you won't get drunk.

RUM - Rum A mellow and gentle product with a light and sweet rum flavor that supports the coffee and creates the perfect balance. It's not just aromatic coffee, it's definitely delicious coffee.
*Food pairings/chocolate/chocolate sweets

GIN - Gin - A coffee with a strong aroma of gin and herbs and a refreshing alcohol taste, unlike anything you've ever tasted before. It's like drinking gin.
*Food pairings/Cheese and cheese-based sweets

WINE - A refreshing and exquisite flavor that combines the flavor of wine coffee with the richness and fruitiness of full-bodied wine.
*Food pairings/Fruits and fruit-based sweets

SAKE - Sake Country A hybrid coffee with the aroma of Japanese alcohol, ``HYBRID COFFEE-SAKE-Washu'' has been born. From the time the beans are ground, you are enveloped in a unique aroma, and when you put it in your mouth, you can smell the faint sourness of apricot-like fruit, and the solid sweetness and nutritious richness gradually sinks into your body as umami. .
*Food pairings: All-rounders that go well with all kinds of dishes, salty dishes, Japanese sweets, Western sweets, etc.

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